Why a living wage is needed from fashion industry for Cambodia garment workers?….

Why is CSR being asked to extend to a Living Wage?

The detail of why Cambodian Unions are fighting that CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) also means buyer brands increase prices and influence that workers are paid a living wage:

“They live four or five people in a room, where they wash, eat and sleep. Their living condition is in chaos. They suffer from diseases. If one person gets sick, the other 4 or 5 cannot get rest…..

Workers now have disease, for example typoid and heavy chough. The companies do not pay attention when they give the workers masks. When auditors and inspectors come, the workers are provided with the masks but one or two days after inspection, they stop distributing the mask. They can only get sick after working for the factory for 8-10 years and then they have to sell everything to afford treatment.”

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Cambodian garment worker calls for a living wage