New Labor Law Targeting Underage Models Could Change Our Body Image Issues

Great to hear more steps towards healthier figures coming to fashion from modeling, and with more attention to education, more chances of these beautiful young people having their chance to learn to make a difference in the world in more ways than just being a skinny pretty face….


Beautiful, tall, skinny girls provoke a lot of emotion in people, none of which is ever sympathy. But a bill that just passed the New York legislature is aimed at protecting this rare species of human. Known in legal-speak as A7787-2013, the legislation would extend the labor laws that currently apply to child performers to young models as well.

Among other things, this means models under age 18 would be allowed to work only eight hours a day during school hours, for no more than two days in a row, and then only with school permission. The girls would also need on-site tutors since they are obliged to get at least three hours of instruction for every day they miss school. If they’re under 16, there has to be a chaperone. They’d have to be home before midnight, and they’d need to get 12 hours of rest between workdays.

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Sewing your own to avoid sweatshops?

Well, it’s a debate whether this means you might take work away from people who need the income for 3 meals a day, but at least you might seek out fairly traded clothes more if you understand the conditions. So I loved seeing these sewing classes for people interested in ethical fashion and sustainable fashion. At least you can mend or tailor clothes rather than throw away! 

My sisters wearing my wardrobe: Great eco-fashion!

Cute little post about My sisters wearing my wardrobe.

Sharing and Swapping for Eco-Fashion

Swapping and sharing is a great for of eco-fashion and sustainable fashion.

My sister (and Mum!) and I have shared wardrobes at times too. Gives you a much larger, much more fun wardrobe! Far more to mix and match.

And sharing feels far less wasteful. Keeps more chemical dyes out of waterways to detox, means less worries about whether your fashion buy was ethical trade, saves land from endless mainstream cotton cultivation to save biodiversity, means less carbon emissions as it wasn’t spun, knitted or woven, dyed, treated, ironed, packed, shipped, retailed…..

Swapping and sharing for eco-fashion

Why a living wage is needed from fashion industry for Cambodia garment workers?….

Why is CSR being asked to extend to a Living Wage?

The detail of why Cambodian Unions are fighting that CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) also means buyer brands increase prices and influence that workers are paid a living wage:

“They live four or five people in a room, where they wash, eat and sleep. Their living condition is in chaos. They suffer from diseases. If one person gets sick, the other 4 or 5 cannot get rest…..

Workers now have disease, for example typoid and heavy chough. The companies do not pay attention when they give the workers masks. When auditors and inspectors come, the workers are provided with the masks but one or two days after inspection, they stop distributing the mask. They can only get sick after working for the factory for 8-10 years and then they have to sell everything to afford treatment.”

Read more and support via Case #4: The general strike.

Cambodian garment worker calls for a living wage


Fashion Voice to Protect our Planet – Vivienne Westwood

Slow Fashion for sustainable fashion

Can’t say I love every piece in the collection (although a few beauties I wouldn’t mind),……..but HATS OFF to legendary Vivienne Westwood for being a Sustainable Fashion Stand against climate change in her recent fashion show documented on here:

Vivienne Westwood uses her Fashion show to speak on need to prevent climate change by buying less quantity and more quality

Vivienne Westwood uses her Fashion show to speak on need to prevent climate change by buying less quantity and more quality

Quality rather than Quantity

Vivienne spoke about being pushed to “open stores” and sell more, yet her realisation that it is more important to focus on quality first. As Founder of eco-fashion social enterprise I can relate to the fast fashion push.

My response to “How many shirts have you sold?” elicited shock when I explained I am focussed on getting the shirt tailoring quality and worker living wage right first! Slow Fashion is Good Fashion might have to become my new phrase!

SuavEco organic cotton shirts for a living wage

SuavEco is Slow Fashion to ensure Living Wage is paid first, and as organic cotton (minus chemicals) takes a little more time. But don’t we want more Quality rather than just Quality?

Climate Change prevention Inspired by Cycling

Congrats to Vivienne’s Designer for saying “its inspired by cycling”,…& “we bike everywhere”.

As Fashion leaders the Vivienne Westwood team can inspire trendsetters in our generation to get back on bikes & clean the street air, prevent carbon emissions, prevent the need for gym lighting & air-con, & stay fit & sexy!

London Thames By Boris Bike for carbon emission prevention to save the planet
London Thames By Boris Bike for carbon emission prevention to save the planet

Beautiful London Views “Boris bikes”

I just spent the past few days loving the fresh air on my face, and burn in my legs from the blue “Boris bikes” (as everyone insisted on calling them). Saw some stunning parts of London I had never seen before….

London Chelsea Bridge view by boris bike to save emissions

London Chelsea Bridge view By Boris Bike. Loved seeing new places as I got about, preventing emissions, & the exercise!

Wishing you all happy cycling, and to enjoy quality fashion,….Less is More!

Sustainable Fashion/ Eco-fashion leaders collection

Why sustainable fashion Warrior?

Because us ladies (at the moment many leading eco-fashion start-ups are women) are on a mission to protect the Environment.

Eco stands for Ecology, or ecologically sensitive fashion. Fashion which has taken into account protecting the ecology in our environment, which sustains all life around us, and even our own.