New Labor Law Targeting Underage Models Could Change Our Body Image Issues

Great to hear more steps towards healthier figures coming to fashion from modeling, and with more attention to education, more chances of these beautiful young people having their chance to learn to make a difference in the world in more ways than just being a skinny pretty face….


Beautiful, tall, skinny girls provoke a lot of emotion in people, none of which is ever sympathy. But a bill that just passed the New York legislature is aimed at protecting this rare species of human. Known in legal-speak as A7787-2013, the legislation would extend the labor laws that currently apply to child performers to young models as well.

Among other things, this means models under age 18 would be allowed to work only eight hours a day during school hours, for no more than two days in a row, and then only with school permission. The girls would also need on-site tutors since they are obliged to get at least three hours of instruction for every day they miss school. If they’re under 16, there has to be a chaperone. They’d have to be home before midnight, and they’d need to get 12 hours of rest between workdays.

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